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Bengals Training Camp Video Highlights: Mock Game

I selected some of the best clips from Saturday's mock game / family day inside Paul Brown Stadium and put them together in a 6.5 minute video.

The Bengals held their annual mock game inside Paul Brown Stadium early Saturday afternoon. The game was mostly touch football, but a few players got some solid shoulder checks in anyways. Safety George Iloka landed a massive shot on rookie tight end John Peters streaking down the seam. Iloka should have pulled up a bit, but Peters only had the wind knocked out of him. Marvin Lewis decided to only let the game go on for one more drive after that hit. The game did seem to end a little short. The second half highlights were considerably shorter than the first half highlights.

The standouts of the day were AJ McCarron, Tyler Eifert, and Mario Alford. McCarron led several scoring drives down the field by connecting with Alford for big completions twice. Eifert was constantly targeted by Dalton, on short and long throws.

Make sure to watch this video in HD, and enjoy!