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Live blogging Bengals training camp: day 9

Follow along for live updates from Bengals training camp.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Today's training camp practice is now over. See below for all of the updates from Bengals practice in the order in which they occurred. Stories of note are Clint Boling leaving practice, Brandon Tate jumping on a cart and leaving practice for a non-injury related reason and a fight that broke out between Dan France and Marquis Flowers.


We've made it to the week of the Bengals' first pre-season game! Who's excited? Now, follow along as we live blog Monday's Bengals practice.

After the news came this morning that Rey Maualuga was cleared to practice with the Bengals, the first news from the practice fields this afternoon is that Maualuga is dressed to practice.

This is new...

Margus Hunt has been easing back into practice since being removed from the PUP list.

More good news about Marvin Jones, hopefully...

And, more updates on Marvin Jones:

This is a surprise regarding Pat Sims:

It's a hot one out there today, let's hope everyone is hydrated and ready for the day. I learned last year during Hard Knocks that's not necessarily a given when it comes to NFL players. (Speaking of which, who's excited for Hard Knocks?)

The rehab field is clearing out... Obviously a good thing.

Marvin Jones is indeed back with the team.

Not much news flowing out of practice yet, but on a positive note, there's this:

Fingers crossed that this is normal procedure for Vontaze Burfict and not a setback.

A (dark) video of some special teams work:

Marvin Jones is taking it slow but is in fact practicing.

All eyes are on Marvin Jones today.

Emmanuel Lamur is making Marvin Lewis angry.. grrrr.

Clint Boling is now done for the day with a potential injury, which will hopefully turn out to be just a bruise.


Defensive observations:

More on Dunlap sitting out:

It's great to see Maualuga isn't skipping a beat, getting right back in there.

More on what happened to Boling.

A bunch of minor injuries today. Let's stay healthy, guys!

Eric Winston is now playing in place of Boling.

Looks like Jones is returning to the practice field after spending most of the day with the team.

Can't figure out why but Marvin Jones moved over to rehab fields after 7-on-7 work. Not in 11s. Still cutting and running but with a trainer

— Coley Harvey (@ColeyHarvey) August 10, 2015

Special teams work has begun...

A little fight action going on.

As mentioned before, hot days of camp don't help anyone out.

I missed this, but the ice is now off of Burfict's knee.

And Marvin Jones is back on the practice field.

Kirkpatrick is now back too. Will Boling be next?

Good joke, good joke.

Derron Smith has certainly been pulling his weight in training camp.

This is a very strange update regarding Brandon Tate:

Tate is NOT injured.

Some action for you, finally! Dalton goes for a nice run.

Marvin Jones is playing with the third team.

The rookies are SHOWING UP today.

Another note on Marvin Jones' performance today as camp looks to be wrapping up.

More flattering words for Derron Smith and now Mario Alford, too, who wasn't mentioned much today.