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Live blogging Bengals training camp: day 10; joint practice with the New York Giants

We're live blogging Bengals training camp today, which should be a good practice to pay attention to with the New York Giants in town. Ready. Set. Go!

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

UPDATE: Today's training camp session is now over. Below you'll find the events from the Bengals and Giants joint practice in Cincinnati in the order in which they happened. Some of the top moments included Dre Kirkpatrick getting a pick six on one of the first plays of the day and two Andy Dalton to A.J. Green touchdowns.


Today's Bengals training camp session promises to be one of the most entertaining yet as the New York Giants are in town. Follow along as we live blog today's training camp practice, giving you updates from the practice fields in real time.

The Giants players are slowly starting to make their way out to the practice field. As Wallace Gilberry said yesterday via, Tom Coughlin believes if "you're on time you're late."

Victor Cruz may be doing "a little" work today.

The refs are on hand for today's practice.

How hyped do you think Jeremy Hill is to be practicing on the same field as Odell Beckham Jr. again?

Yeah, I'd say pretty he's pretty excited....

The special teamers are meeting and greeting.

OBJ is already impressing the Cincy media.

Making new friends, guys?

It is a packed house at camp today!

Stretching time.

Another pre-practice photo:

It totally makes sense that OBJ is the number one attraction at Bengals practice. Ya know, it's not like we have our own players out there or anything :)

Marvin Jones appears to be practicing again today.

Warmup photos galore today!

More Hill/OBJ talk.

Brandon Tate mysteriously left practice yesterday (maybe to hit the bathroom?) but he's back today.

Andy Dalton and Marshall Newhouse are chatting on the field. The two are good friends and former college and Bengals teammates.

This is interesting. AJ McCarron is not practicing.

Big turn out today. Hear it's hard to find parking...

Kickers Josh Brown and Mike Nugent are reminiscing.

And we're off! Practice has officially begun.

More on McCarron's absence:

Darrin Simmons is out and about on the field.

After nine Bengals on Bengals practices, this is pretty exciting to see:

OBJ is getting his hands taped.

Pat Sims, who sat out yesterday, is back on the field today:

Nice note on Darqueze Dennard:

Evidence that Sims is back:

Carlos Dunlap is also back, so yesterday was likely just a rest day for him.

Clint Boling who left practice early yesterday has yet to be spotted today.

The Bengals cornerbacks are showing up big this year.

McCarron is in street clothes, so we'll likely be seeing more from Josh Johnson today.

A look into practice featuring a whole lot of yelling.

Gilberry is also missing from practice. No known injury there, yet.

An interesting way to describe the practice from a Giants beat writer:

Is he just showing off?

Point camera phone in direction of Odell Beckham Jr. and wait for a few seconds

A video posted by @dan_hoard on

Photo of the crowd:

Is Alford getting stage fright (kidding, do not read into this.)

A look at the Gatorade?

The teams have split up for some individual work.

Weatherford is something special.

That's a whole lot of white, orange and black.

A look at Eli:

Eli Manning warming up for #Bengals/Giants joint practice

A photo posted by @dan_hoard on

Update from the field:

Who dey!

Well that's... special.

More confirmation on the missing players.

The wide receivers and defensive backs are supposedly getting to work together, though this photo just shows two Giants.

Another photo of Giants players:

That is a whole lot of people.

Yup, no surprise here for Bengals fans.

Or here.

A look at Coughlin:

Catch. Catch. Catch.

Great to hear this about Marvin Jones.

Hi, there!

No opposite team competition, yet.

That changed rather quick. And what a way to start it off for the Bengals.

Bengals corners came prepared.

Brandon Tate is impressing today.

A look at some of the earlier special teams work:

An OBJ catch:

One hour in, this sounds like a productive practice:

Count Coley Harvey among those impressed by OBJ:

More fun (for us, at least) about to begin:

Kirkpatrick looking competitive as ever:

Dre K. goes one I one with Odell Beckham. More than holds his own this time.

A video posted by The Enquirer - Bengals (@enqbengals) on

Kwame Geathers getting a mention. We've seen almost nothing about him thus far in training camp.

Not good news regarding Bodine.

But, on a lighter note:



Interesting to see Dalton getting visibly mad.

A Burkhead fumble:

Eifert drops have been few and far between, so we'll let this one go.

A look at 11-on-11 action.

#TalkinBoutPractice, I like that.

A look at Dalton:

Love that fire.

Not sure what to make of this:

Michael Johnson is out on the field today. Watching, of course.

Another 11-on-11 shot:

So far, things are going well.

Not good news for Brandon Ghee, who's now done for the day.

Probably the first negative Tweet we've seen, from our own Brennen Warner:

7-on-7 action:

Popcorn seems fitting, no?

MJ is chillin'.

Interesting update, Wallace Gilberry is now out on the field in pads.

News has definitely slowed as practice has gone on today. While we wait for more info, here's a look at the Giants from earlier, via a fan:

The G men

A video posted by da_louis_vuitton_don (@da_louis_vuitton_don) on

Not what any Bengals fan wants to hear...

Further confirmation on Gilberry being out on the field now, despite missing warmups.

Looks like the offense has some work to do.

But as Pete Prisco reminds, us:

Sounds like a fun job:

No McCarron today gives fourth string QB, Keith Wenning a chance at getting more reps.

The special teamers are doing some work, but after more than two hours out on the field, practice is just about done for today.

+1 for Dalton on the day.

And a nice one from Johnson to the other Tyler. The Tyler twins are both having nice camps, which is great to see.

A look at the O-line and Ryan Hewitt with his oh-so-noticeable hair.

A.J. Green and Andy Dalton are still working and just connected for a touchdown.

Now a 20-yard run for Jeremy Hill.

I guess practice isn't over, after all! Though, as mentioned here, it almost is.

Definitely the biggest turnout other than Family Day.

Yup, yup.

Here's a look at that Dalton to Green touchdown.

A.J. Green slips past #Giants safety Bennett Jackson out of slot for final TD of practice. #Bengals

A video posted by The Enquirer - Bengals (@enqbengals) on

That seems like a pretty good way to end today's practice... If you're a Bengals fan, that is. Thanks for following along today! Be sure to check back tomorrow for another day of live blogging the Bengals and Giants joint practices.