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Live blogging Bengals training camp: day 11/second joint practice with NY Giants

Today is the last day of practice before the FIRST PRESEASON GAME OF THE YEAR! We're a little excited, how about you? Just imagine how excited we'll all be when it's Week 1 of the regular season and the Bengals are facing the Raiders. Follow along for live updates from the practice fields.

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UPDATE: Practice is now over for the day. Below, you'll find a recap of everything that occurred during the Bengals and Giants second joint practice, and the Bengals 11th overall day of training camp. Some of the highlights were multiple Mohamed Sanu touchdowns, an improved overall effort from the Bengals' offense and Geno Atkins looking like a stud.


Today marks the second joint practice between the Bengals and the Giants and the last practice before Friday's preseason opener. Follow along below as we live blog practice and give you all of the latest information from the practice fields, in real time!

The first information out is that Andrew Whitworth is having a veteran's rest day today.

Adam Jones is starting out the day with some fun for fans:

Certainly impressive...

Another big crowd at practice today.

We can expect to see Jake Fisher playing with the first team offense today:

The Giants are heading out to the field.

Warm ups are underway!

It's a great day for football!

Clint Boling is back after missing the last two days of practice. You can expect for him to be slowly eased back in and not get involved in much contact today.

Jeremy Hill and Odell Beckham Jr. chatting on the sidelines.

Practice got off to a later start today than usual.

Hey, isn't this how practice started yesterday? Not good for Alford who's going to need to step it up to make the 53-man roster.

An injury update, though this Tweet says Boling is not practicing, while others disagree and say he is

More confirmation that Boling IS in fact back.

Some special teams work is going on:

The injury update today is certainly a positive one. Should be interesting to see how long Brandon "glass" Ghee is out.

Nice indeed.

Nice shot into the distance from Brennen Warner:

A look in at the action, courtesy of the Giants' Twitter account:

What happens when your starters are out or taking the day easy? Backups get to play with the first team:

The Bengals defensive backs are doing some work apart from the Giants:

Well, this is a name we certainly have not heard much about. Weisman is listed as a fullback on the Bengals' roster.

A look at A.J. Green:

Interesting note on Chris Carter who has been getting some praise.

Today's practice is not in full pads.

More on Boling:

The Bengals and Giants are now working together on drills:

Giants offense on the field now.

A video posted by Lindsay Patterson (@lindsaypatterson) on

Wide receiver drill:

The Bengals do love Georgia players. It was a big shocker when they sent no representatives to Georgia's Pro Day this year.


Not breaking news. Odell Beckham Jr has good hands.

— Lindsay Patterson (@LndsPatterson) August 12, 2015

Adam Jones vs OBJ day two:

A look at 11-on-11 drills.

Great fan video and great catch by Mohamed Sanu.

Right at me. Never scared. Completion #Bengals

A video posted by Jordan Raanan (@jraanan) on

A look at the Bengals' defense and Giants' offense:

On a better note regarding the second team defense:

A look in at Adam Jones and OBJ:

More success for the Giants' offense.

From the sound of it, Jones is not having his best day of camp:

No fights, no fights, no fights!

Placements on the field have been swapped today. Yesterday the Bengals' offense was on the field closer to the bleachers. Today it's the Bengals' defense on that field.

The Adam Jones/OBJ matchup is the one drawing the most eyes today.

An interesting update that we'll be keeping an eye on:

More on the play that made Hill angry:

Good to hear that the offense got off to a better start today.

+1 Bengals

Something to look out for when watching Rex Burkhead on Friday... This actually sounds like a positive for the Bengals, though the wording here is confusing.

Here's another positive note on Burkhead and other Bengals:

And a note that the Bengals' D looks good, too.

He beat Newhouse?! You don't say...

A nice kick from backup kicker, Tom Obarski, though, let's face it, there's no real kicker competition in Cincinnati.

Bengals media has talked very little about O'Donnell out of the CFL, so this is nice to see, though he's certainly a long shot to make the roster.

Missed this earlier, but Hill is apparently taking some moves from his friend OBJ:

The Giants have already released some photos from today here.

Who misses Marshall Newhouse? No one? Ok.

More positive mention of Sanu. Maybe he really is going to be the No. 2 WR this year.

A catch for Bernard.

In addition to Bernard and Sanu, Kroft and Hill also just had touchdowns. Seems like today is a much better day for the Bengals' offense than yesterday.

Bengals defense definitely having a good day, too, from what we've heard so far:

Atkins looking like Atkins.

More from Sanu:

Mo Sanu with a slick move as Dalton finds him in back of the end zone. #Bengals

A video posted by The Enquirer - Bengals (@enqbengals) on

A look from above:

Less good news about the Bengals' defense:

Adam Jones is done with letting OBJ "make it look easy."

Practice is just about over for today. The resistance bands are out and being used.

On another note, there was a VIP in attendance today:

This is VERY good news:

Practice is indeed over for the day. You know what that means. Next time we see the Bengals on the field, it will be for preseason football!

The story that wasn't.

Who wants to guess what they were talking about?

Thanks for following along! There's no practice tomorrow or Friday, but we'll be back Monday at 2:30 p.m. for Bengals training camp day 12, which begins at 3 p.m. on the Bengals' practice fields.