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Tweets from Bengals training camp: day 11

We bring you every Tweet (just about) from the 2 hour Bengals and Giants joint training camp practice on Wednesday, August 12, day 11 of Bengals training camp.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals final training camp session before the preseason kicks off on Friday is now in the books. It seemed to be a productive day for both the offense and defense as they went up against the New York Giants. Below is just about every Tweet sent during training camp relating to the Bengals. The day started with Adam Jones showing off his catching skills. Jones had a shaky start to the day, but did end up ending the day looking better. Mohamed Sanu had a great day with multiple touchdowns. And, it was again a packed house with fans jammed into the stands to watch the Bengals and Giants practice. 2,600 fans were in attendance, which beats the training camp high set yesterday of 2,200.