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Video Highlights: Bengals and Giants Second Joint Practice

On Wednesday, 2,600 fans attended Bengals training camp practice, which broke the attendance record for one day. The defense played on the main field, so I filmed them for most of practice. Here are 3.5 minutes of highlights from Wednesday's practice.

Wednesday's practice had the perfect weather - high 70s, blue skies, and a slight breeze. I got to film the defensive drills up close, which I normally never get to do since they practice on the far field. I filmed the defense for most of the day, which can be a bit boring because there's no actual tackling. I added annotations to the defensive highlights to make it more clear what happened on the play.

They opened the ropes behind the far field, because the Bengals offense played on that field all day. They've never done this before, so I didn't even think to look for it until fairly late in the practice. For the last 30 minutes of practice, I went over to that side of the field and got some beautiful shots of a few redzone touchdowns.

Be sure to watch in HD, and enjoy!