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Bengals Rex Burkhead and Cedric Peerman could practice Monday

Running backs Rex Burkhead (neck) and Cedric Peerman (knee) exited Friday's game with second quarter injuries. According to locker room reports, they appear fine and could practice as soon as Monday.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Running backs Rex Burkhead and Cedric Peerman are expected to be fine, according to locker room reports from ESPN and the Cincinnati Enquirer. According to ESPN NFL reporter Coley Harvey, both could be practicing as early as Monday.

We believe Rex Burkhead suffered his injury during Cincinnati's second touchdown drive, which began with an impressive 15-yard sprint by Burkhead to open the series. It was one of the ensuing runs (he carried the football on three of the first four plays of that possession) when he began feeling discomfort; specifically a two-yard run with just over nine minutes remaining in the first half.

Giants peerman burkhead injury

Our initial, and completely unqualified (we're not doctors examining these injuries ourselves) thought was that he strained a neck muscle; Cincinnati justifiably approached a meaningless preseason game with significant caution.

As for Peerman, Josh Johnson completed a swing pass to Peerman with 5:47 remaining in the second from the Giants 20-yard line. With the end zone near and defenders approaching, Peerman left his feet in an effort to score an aerial touchdown. Instead, he was shoved out of bounds by defensive backs Bennett Jackson and Jeromy Miles. The resulting shot caused Peerman to plant his left leg into the turf as his knee twisted. After being attended to by trainers, Peerman walked off the field under his own power.

Giants peerman burkhead injury

The resulting injuries allowed first-year running back James Wilder Jr. and rookie Terrell Watson to receive significant playing time, combining for 105 yards rushing, with Wilder scoring a second-quarter touchdown two plays after Peerman's exit.