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Live blogging Bengals training camp: day 12

We're live blogging today's Bengals training camp practice, the first practice since Friday's preseason opener against the Giants. Follow along for live updates.

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Today's Bengals training camp practice was the first practice since Friday's preseason opener against the Giants. Below is our live blog of the practice session and since it's now over, you can scroll through to find all of the Twitter reports that came out of the two hour session. Today's highlights include nice plays from Mohamed Sanu, Marvin Jones, Dre Kirkpatrick and Adam Jones.


The first news out of today's training camp practice is an injury update. And, quite a positive one.

If you're looking for a smaller audience to attend practice, today looks like a good day to do so:

Today is a fully padded practice.

A shot from the field where you can see McCarron is back.

The usual rehab field players are on the rehab field, though Burfict hasn't been seen yet.

Margus Hunt who also didn't participate in Friday's game is also practicing today.

More updates on players who missed Friday but will be practicing in pads today:

The rehab field has some new additions today with Dennard and Hopkins there. Burfict is now on the rehab field, too, after not being spotted earlier.

Practice is getting started with some tackling work. Head coach Marvin Lewis said he was pleased with Friday's tackling, but there are always things to learn from a preseason game.

After a seemingly slow start to today's practice, things are now getting started:

McCarron is not fully participating today. The Bengals like to ease players back in, which is likely what's happening here.

Josh Johnson is getting quite a bit of extra work with McCarron out. Will it make a difference?

Terrell Watson is definitely a player to keep an eye on. If the Bengals cut him due to their depth at running back, he could certainly catch on elsewhere.

Jake Fisher is heading over to the rehab field now. We're not sure on what his injury is.

Now, we have some insight into Fisher's potential injury:

Mohamed Sanu scored the first Bengals touchdown of the preseason and has been having a great training camp. That is continuing today.

Dre Kirkpatrick is another guy having a great training camp and that's continuing today as well after he performed well against the Giants on Friday.

This will be something to continue to monitor regarding Kirkpatrick:

More praise for Tyler Eifert who had two catches on two targets on Friday night.

Another note on Watson:

More snap problems... Not good.

It's good to see Andy Dalton not permitting it though.

There's no such thing as too much Eifert praise, so without further ado...

More on Kirkpatrick, it seems just a few players are dominating the story flow today.

Leon Hall compliments have been less easy to find during training camp, so this is encouraging to hear:

Realistic updates on McCarron's injury have been spotty, but this update further shows it is in fact a rib injury that he's recovering from.

There is a lot of praise going around today for the Bengals' wide receivers.

It's unclear who this pass was targeted for, but Josh Johnson just was intercepted by Adam Jones. Interceptions will be something the team looks to improve upon after Friday's game.

George Iloka is learning from Marvin Lewis getting angry with him after big hits on his teammates in earlier practices.

Here's a nice video of Jeremy Hill making a catch from a fan in attendance today:

Certainly a minimally reported from training camp session today. And, there are only two days of training camp left. If you want to see the Bengals practicing, Wednesday and Thursday at 3:00 p.m. are your last two chances.

Wrapping up another day of #Bengals camp. Two open practices left.

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