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Top 5 videos from Bengals training camp

George Iloka's big hit and Derron Smith's sick catch are just a few of the best highlights in Bengals training camp to this point.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

With only two sessions left in Bengals training camp (Wednesday and Thursday), it's time for a look at the best highlights to come out of camp so far.


Up first, safety George Iloka is already known as one of the hardest-hitting defensive backs in the NFL, and tight end John Peters learned that the hard way. Peters thought he had an easy catch down the seam, but just as he was bringing the ball in, Iloka's helmet was embedded in his chest:


Here, Andy Dalton throws an absolute beauty of a pass to A.J. Green in the back of the end zone. Dalton uses a great pump-fake to help Green get separation, then hits him in stride with room to keep both feet inbounds for the score.


The No. 3 play features a bit of a role reversal as linebacker Marquis Flowers pancakes offensive lineman Tanner Hawkinson before stuffing Rex Burkhead for a loss. Flowers has had a good camp overall, but this may have been his best play so far:


Coming it No. 2, we're going with a great effort by both linebacker P.J. Dawson and safety Derron Smith. The two rookies made their presence felt on this play when Dawson blew by his blocker to get what would normally have been a sack on AJ McCarron. Because the play was allowed to continue, McCarron tried fitting the ball into Greg Little on a post route, but Smith read it beautifully and took it to the house for six.


At the top spot, there's really no question. The best play from training camp so far goes to Derron Smith and his one-handed interception. On the play, McCarron thought he had an open Denarius Moore, but Smith was lurking underneath the route before he showed up for the amazing grab:

Don't see your favorite highlight here? Let us know what your favorite play from Bengals training camp has been!