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A.J. Green featured in three new commercials for Champs Sports

A.J. Green's ability to juggle is just about all anyone in the national media wants to talk about. Now, Champs Sports has three new commercials featuring A.J. Green, one of which further brings to light his juggling act.

The national media loves talking to A.J. Green about his juggling abilities. They did so before NFL draft week in 2011during Super Bowl Media Day in 2014, ESPN's E:60 team had Green juggle for them, and the NFL network did it too when they came to Cincinnati for Bengals training camp.

Now, Champ Sports has three new commercials featuring Green, one of which shows what he's most known for outside of being a Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver... juggling.

The 15 second commercials, made by ad agency, Translation are in support of Nike's back to school collection available at Champs Sports. The campaign is titled, "Your Athlete is Showing" and while one clip features the Bengals star juggling three footballs, another has him catching a large fish and the third has him catching a football and set of Nike athletic apparel, which upon grabbing, instantly are on his body. The tag line in that video is "A.J. makes every catch look good," which we'd have to agree with.

Check out the commercial spots below.