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Michael Johnson with (unofficially) a sprained MCL

The Cincinnati Bengals obviously dodged a bullet Sunday when Michael Johnson collapsed during a 9-on-7 drill after colliding with rookie running back Terrell Watson. After being carted off the field, team doctors examine believe that "there is no major damaged" and that Johnson should be OK.

Writes Geoff Hobson with

Rather than a season-ending blown ACL, which is how it first appeared, it’s sounding more and more like a sprained MCL, which takes in the neighborhood of four to six weeks to rehab. It’s believed X-Rays or an MRI are pending.

"From everything right now it seems like Michael should be OK, but they'll continue to do what they do and hopefully that'll continue to be positive reports," Lewis said. via ESPN. "Whoever it's been on those field exams, they're usually pretty accurate. So I feel good about that."