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Tyler Eifert had wind knocked out of him at training camp Thursday

Eifert says "yeah" regarding if he's ok and "yes" when asked if he just had the wind knocked out of him. In summary, he should be fine.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Eifert hit the ground hard during training camp today, and if you want to know how to shut up a group of 90 adult men, that's how you do it.

After he went down, the immediate thoughts were that he had the wind knocked out of him and should be fine. Eifert remained down and not moving for about 45 seconds following jumping up for a high ball and falling on the turf.

Geoff Hobson reported it was George Iloka who Eifert was going up against when he went down. But, it was actually Erick Dargan as you can see in this video from Brennen Warner:

Though his teammates and fans in attendance were scared when Eifert went down, head coach Marvin Lewis wasn't too worried. Per, Lewis said, "I never did walk over. I just figured he had the wind knocked out of him."

As Eifert left practice today, Richard Skinner of Local 12 asked him, "you ok?" to which he responded with a simple, "yeah." Jeremy Rauch of Fox 19 also asked if he just had the wind knocked out of him, and he answered, "yes."

After practice, offensive coordinator Hue Jackson said he knew Eifert was fine, via ESPN:

"You want to make sure he's OK," Jackson said. "Once I walked over there and looked at him in the eye, I knew he's fine. He just jumped up too high. They got the saying, 'Men can't jump' -- I'm not going to say the other part of that -- but he can. He can jump. Boy, he got up."

After he went down, Eifert didn't immediately leave practice and even caught a few passes with the receivers before calling it quits for the day. Eifert has been one of the most impressive players in Bengals training camp and seeing him go down was quite a scare to everyone watching and hearing of the news. But, Eifert should be ok and this shouldn't cause him to miss Monday's game against Tampa Bay.