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Bengals vs Buccaneers Preseason Week 2: Behind enemy lines:

This week we are joined by Sander Philipse, Manager of SB Nation's Bucs Nation, to talk Bengals vs. Bucs prior to the Bengals fake primetime game in Tampa Bay on Monday night.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Q: Jameis Winston had a rough start to his NFL career in the first week of the preseason. How has Winston looked in practice? And any concern after seeing him in live action?

A: I think Winston did exactly what you saw in practice, and what you saw at Florida State: he made a bunch of big throws, stood firm in the face of pressure, threw a sloppy interception and missed a few throws. Winston was a little more scattershot than usual, and I'd attribute that to jitters as he tightened down later on, but I'm not too concerned with that performance - and I think the extent to which he struggled has been oversold a bit.

Q: Doug Martin had a great rookie season in 2012, but has struggled since. What can we expect from Martin in 2015?

A: That's a really good question, mostly because no one really knows. Martin's received a lot of hype this offseason, has lost 20 pounds and has looked sharper in practice. He also looked more decisive and a little more explosive in his first preseason game than he has in two years. He'll certainly get a decent amount of carries

Q: Winston played the first half last week. How long will Lovie Smith leave him and the first team in on Monday night?

A: I'd expect Winston to get a similar workload against the Bengals, and the first team as a whole will probably play most of the first quarter - most starters only played two series last week.

Q: What is the deepest/strongest position on this 2015 Bucs team?

A: Defensive tackle, and it's not particularly close. The Bucs have the best three-technique in the NFL in Gerald McCoy, a quality and disruptive nose tackle in Clinton McDonald and a pair of outstanding backups/rotational players in Tony McDaniel and Henry Melton. That's a really strong group.

Q: What is the most intriguing roster battle in Bucs camp this year?

A: Most battles appear to have been fought at this point, to be honest, but safety is still intriguing. The Bucs have four players there who could all start, and it's not clear that any of them is better than anyone else.

Q: Who is a player most Bengals fans won't know, but should know, or should look for on Monday night?

A: Keep an eye out for Kwon Alexander - he's a fourth-round rookie who just beat out Bruce Carter for the job of starting middle linebacker.

Q: What are the strengths of the 2015 Bucs? And, what areas of this Bucs team concern you?

A: Is everything a valid answer? Aside from defensive tackle and wide receiver, almost every position group has some question marks - whether it be depth or starting quality. The biggest concern is probably the offensive line, though. The Bucs are expecting to start two rookies, just lost Demar Dotson (their best lineman) for at least the first few games of the season, and don't have much depth. With a rookie quarterback who's primarily a pocket passer, that's a position group that could make or break this team.

Q: The Bucs were 2-14 in 2014 and finished last in the NFC South. What is your prediction for the Bucs (record wise) and where do you see the Bucs finishing in the NFC South in 2015?

A: I could see this team going 8-8 and finishing second in the NFC South - or maybe winning it, if everyone else is as terrible as they were last year. The team is undeniably better than it was last season, when they got incredibly unlucky to go 2-14. A winning season may be a bit much, but the Bucs should be much improved this year.

Q: Were this a regular season game, what would your prediction be?

A: I'd probably expect the Bucs to lose, 23-20.