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5 best videos from Bengals training camp 2015

We take a look at the best highlights come out of Bengals training camp 2015.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

With Bengals training camp wrapped up, it's time for a look at the best highlights to come out of camp this year.


Up first, it's been great to see Marvin Jones healthy and back on the field after missing all of 2014 with foot and ankle injuries. You couldn't tell he missed an entire year of football on this play where he beats Josh Shaw deep as Andy Dalton hits him in stride for the 50-yard score:


Up next, George Iloka shows why he's known as one of the hardest-hitting defensive backs in the NFL. Unfortunately, his victim was his own teammate, tight end John Peters:


Our number three play features another good hit, though it was a pancake block from undrafted tight end Matt Lengel on veteran corner Adam Jones:


Here, Mohamed Sanu has a sick one-handed snag, as he beats his man down the sideline, but has to adjust to make the difficult catch.


At the top spot, there's still no question who the top highlight goes to. The best play from Bengals training camp 2015 goes to rookie safety Derron Smith and his one-handed interception. On the play, McCarron thought he had an open Denarius Moore, but Smith was hiding beneath the route before he showed up for the one-handed snag:

Don't see your favorite highlight here? Let us know what your favorite play from Bengals training camp has been!