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Cincy Jungle interview with ESPN Radio in Lexington, Kentucky

On Tuesday night Cincy Jungle's Anthony Cosenza joined "The Sports Huddle" on ESPN Radio in Lexington, Kentucky. The great guys over there asked Cosenza a variety of Bengals questions, ranging from the team's Monday Night performance to the future of Marvin Lewis.

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While we looked forward and were grateful for the interview invitation from the fine folks over at ESPN Radio in Lexington, Kentucky, we weren't necessarily looking forward to reliving the Bengals' Monday Night disaster in Tampa Bay. Luckily, Chris Kross, Mike Cameron and Matthew Laurance wanted to touch on a variety of Bengals topics with Cincy Jungle Managing Editor, Anthony Cosenza.

Among them were the health of the team and the "Twitter trolls" out there who continue to bash Andy Dalton, in both right and wrong situations. Though, fans taking their anger out on the quarterback is never really the answer. The interview turned interesting with a couple of hot topic questions toward the end. Listen to the full interview below.

TSH: "This P.J. Dawson, now that you bring him up, it dawned on me, he did have a couple of nice plays in the game (versus the Buccaneers). He had the tackle on the goal line stand, right from the one-yard line, had three other tackles where coach Gruden noted 'he had four impact tackles tonight'. You say he's a rookie, I don't know much about him. Was he a high draft pick? Tell me about this kid."

AC: "He actually was touted as one of the better linebackers in the draft, but also had a reputation. I think some draftniks called him a 'knucklehead'. He didn't always show up on time to team meetings, and didn't always show the best demeanor at practice. But, when he actually got out there on the field, he was incredibly productive. People actually are comparing him to Vontaze Burfict, both as an instinctual linebacker and some of those issues he's bringing from the college to the pros.

I think the sky's the limit for this kid, he was drafted in the back end of the third round, while some thought he could go as high as late first round. He probably won't start right away, as Marvin Lewis seems to like the trusted veterans, even with a potential high-impact rookie on the bench. So, I'll think he'll stick with the veterans through the first part of the year, with Dawson vying for a starting job late this year or beginning of next."

I also discussed with the guys about how I don't feel Marvin Lewis will be on the hot seat if the Bengals fail to make the playoffs this year. And, speaking of the postseason, they asked my thoughts on a win count and prediction on the season. Listen to the rest of the audio below and our big thanks to ESPN Radio Lexington and the guys at "The Sports Huddle".