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Bengals Bites: Disaster Avoided?

Everyone in Bengaldom held their breath when Michael Johnson went down Sunday.


Lewis believes Mike Johnson's knee injury not major; Oklahoma Drill scratched again
It looks as though the Bengals and Michael Johnson may have avoided disaster after the veteran pass-rusher suffered what appeared to be a serious knee injury on Sunday. "He can’t remember how it happened. He’s in good spirits," agent John Thornton said. "He’s talking about getting his 10-sack  ($4 million) incentive." Everyone in Bengaldom would love seeing Johnson hit that 10-sack incentive this year, especially after it looked like his season may have ended before it ever began.

AJ McCarron not as sharp early in camp, but remains confident
Sunday was not a good day for second-year QB AJ McCarron, who clearly was in just his third training camp practice. We forget McCarron didn't begin practicing last year until late in the season after opening on PUP, so this is all new for McCarron. While he might not be starting-caliber material, it's too early to determine what he really is as an NFL player.

Junior Seau's daughter allowed to speak at Hall of Fame induction
The Pro Football Hall of Fame has decided to allow the late Junior Seau's family to speak at his induction ceremony in August. The HOF previously said there was a policy in place that prevents all family members from speaking on behalf of deceased players, but they're making an exception to honor Seau.

Seahawks release starting DT Tony McDaniel after re-signing Bobby Wagner
The Seahawks are now having to spend more money to get their best players re-signed, which means sacrifices must be made. In order to sign Bobby Wagner to his extension, the team had to cut starting defensive tackle tony McDaniel to save money.

Houston’s goal for Jadeveon Clowney: August 17
Just like Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict, Texans pass-rusher Jadeveon Clowney is also recovering from microfracture surgery. Clowney had the procedure done in early January, whereas Burfict had his in late January. If Clowney is two weeks from returning, that wouldn't be a great sign for how much longer Burfict could be out.

Bengals camp diary day 3
Among the bigger standouts on day 3 were rookie backer P.J. Dawson, veteran corner Adam Jones, and third-year tight end Tyler Eifert.