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Bengals preseason replay schedule on NFL Network

Did you miss Saturday's game against the Chicago Bears? The NFL Network will replay it twice this week. In addition to that, they'll replay the Bengals preseason finale against Indianapolis.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In many ways, Cincinnati's 21-10 win over the Chicago Bears, was the confidence builder that Cincinnati needed. The offense desperately sought an injection of optimism after last week's showing, the defense needed to build on some of their successes and polish up some of their issues (such as gaping holes in coverage). Then, there's the AJ McCarron moment in the first half against Chicago.

Cincinnati's win over the Bears was only shown locally in Cincinnati and Chicago.

However, because the NFL Network makes it a point to replay all preseason games, you have your chance to view the game if you haven't already. Get your DVRs ready, here are the Bengals' game replays for the rest of the preseason, with two replays of the Bears game and a single replay of the Colts game early Friday morning.

Monday, August 31 Bears 3:00 AM
Wednesday, September 2 Bears 1:00 PM
Friday, September 3 Colts 5:00 AM