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Bengals Bites (8/31) - Getting Bank

A.J. Green understands what kind of contract he could be looking forward to. More blow back from the Steelers signing Michael Vick. Takeaways from week 3 of the pre-season.

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A.J. Green on new deal: 'All the receivers are getting bank'
A.J. Green hopes to see dollar signs in his future. With Atlanta Falcons star wide receiver Julio Jones inking his monster five-year $71.25 million deal on Saturday, it will soon be time for the Cincinnati Bengals to take care of Green.

Michael Vick signing causes Pittsburgh animal shelter to cancel fundraiser at Heinz Field
The signing of quarterback Michael Vick to the Pittsburgh Steelers ruffled the feathers of thousands of protesters this past week. While some turmoil was naturally expected due to Vick’s notorious past for his role in running a dog fighting ring, the signing caused perhaps more uproar than anticipated.

10 takeaways from Week 3 of the NFL preseason -
Week 3 of the NFL preseason is normally used as preparation for the regular year.  Unfortunately for teams around the league this week, injury concerns disabled the ability of us to get a good look at how specific first-team units might perform early in the regular season.

Shaky offensive outing overshadows Cardinals' preseason win over Oakland Raiders
An offense that did little wrong in the first two preseason games, could do little right against the Raiders at Coliseum. Miscommunication by receivers. Poor throws by quarterback Carson Palmer. Terrible pass protection by offensive linemen.

Report: Dan Snyder Won't Allow Washington To Move On From RGIII
According to a report from ESPN’s Dianna Russini & Adam Schefter, the football operations people in charge of Washington want to get rid of Robert Griffin III. The only thing stopping them? Dan Snyder! Owners getting involved in day-to-day sports decisions almost always ends in disaster, especially when that owner is Snyder.