2015 game by game predictions

I did this last year, and picked an 11-5 season... I missed on 5 games (1st Baltimore game, Carolina game, Cleveland home game, New Orleans game, and final Pitt game). So I thought I would try it again.

Week 1-at Oakland, - The Raiders showed signs of life in the second half of 2014, and have some things to be excited about with David Carr, Amari Cooper, and especially Khalil Mack. Also the Bengals have never won a game in Oakland. There may be a few nervous moments being the season opener, but overall the Bengals have a better roster, and need to win this one. Win 1-0

Week 2- San Diego, I like this home opener in that it gives the Bengals to exact some revenge on the Wild Card disaster of Jan 2014. Phillip Rivers will dink and dunk, but will not have Antonio Gates. The Bengals have not lost a home opener since 2011. Win 2-0

Week 3- at Baltimore, First division game of the year is a tough one, especially considering this will be the Ravens home opener. Odds are against Bengals winning against Baltimore for the 4th time in a row. Loss 2-1

Week 4- Kansas City, The Chiefs are an interesting team, tons of talent on defense, especially in the pass rush, and a great RB in Jamaal Charles. If Jeremy Maclin gives them a big play WR to go along with that, then they could win the AFC West. This game may come down to home field advantage. Win 3-1

Week 5- Seattle, The best team in football the last 2 years comes into town with their usual great defense, and new weapon on offense Jimmy Graham. Bengals will be at home which will help, and usually fare well against NFC opponents, (12-3-1 in the last four years). Hard game to call though. Win 4-1

Week 6- at Buffalo, Not an easy place for the Bengals to play, even when they are much better than the Bills, like in 2013, where Cincy blew a lead and had to win in OT... given the tough Bills defense that should be there that day, this feels like a loss, but at least the weather shouldn't be too bad there yet. Loss 4-2

Week 7- Bye

Week 8- at Pittsburgh, Ugh the Steelers, the team that beats the Bengals up more than anyone. The Bengals have actually fared better on the road in this matchup than at home. But a tough game against Steeler offense at full strength with Bell and Bryant back from suspension. Also Bengals inexplicably play poorly usually after a bye. Loss 4-3

Week 9- Cleveland (Thursday night), Bengals will need this one badly after losing 2 in a row, and being 0-2 in the division. Reminders of last years horrible Thursday game against the Browns should help. Win 5-3

Week 10- Houston (Monday night), Prime time matchup and and going against J.J Watt doesn't sound promising, but Texans shouldn't have a great offense. And Bengals offense is good at getting rid of the ball quickly to hopefully frustrate Watt. Bengals amazingly win 2 prime time games in a row! Win 6-3

Week 11- at Arizona, Carson Palmer will have a much better team around him, and home field advantage in his Round 2 vs. the Bengals. Bengals will be flying out West on a short week. But I think there are enough guys still in the locker room who don't want to lose to Carson, and Bengals pick up a big win on the road. Win 7-3

Week 12- St. Louis, The Rams have built up an impressive defense, especially on the D Line. They could be a surprise contender in the NFC. But they play in a very tough division, and have a brutal schedule. Not sure Foles will help them that much. Bengals keep rolling at home. Win 8-3

Week 13- at Cleveland, Bengals have not swept Browns since 2011, and even then both of those wins were 4th quarter comebacks. They usually give the Bengals fits and have plenty of talent on the O line, and on defense. Loss 8-4

Week 14- Pittsburgh, Bengals are 2-11 against the Steelers at PBS in the Marvin Lewis era. I hate that! This will be a huge game in the division race and Cincy needs to find a way to win. Win 9-4

Week 15- at San Francisco (Sunday night), The 49ers should not be a good team in 2015, and will most likely be playing out the string at this point... but it is a West Coast trip and a prime time game against a franchise that has owned them. But talent should prevail, right? Win 10-4

Week 16- at Denver (Mon. night)- Peyton Manning should be wearing down by late December, but can the Bengals actually win 4 prime time games in a row? Nope. Atkins may not play at the altitude, and this will be the 2nd west coast trip in consecutive weeks. Loss 10-5

Week 17- Baltimore, Bengals play the Ravens in the finale for the 5th time in 6 years. Why?? John Harbaugh and Flaaco are only 2-5 at PBS, and Marvin is 9-3 vs. Ravens at home. Harbaugh will find something to whine about though. Win 11-5

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