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Devon and Leah launch Still Strong Foundation

After what Devon and Leah experienced during Leah's battle with Neuroblastoma cancer, the father-daughter duo want to help make life easier on other families dealing with cancer who may not be as financially fortunate as they are.

Cancer is an equal opportunity disease. Not everyone who is diagnosed with the horrible disease is able to afford the treatments that come along with it.

Being an NFL player, Devon Still makes a more than decent living, which afforded him the ability to take on the medical bills that came along with Leah's cancer treatments during the past year and a half. Plus, his health insurance, which covers Leah and is provided by the NFL, is among the best available.

Not every family is that fortunate, and that's why Devon and Leah Still are creating a new foundation called the Still Strong Foundation. The foundation's aim is to support childhood cancer research and families’ household needs when they have a family member battling cancer.

Here is the message Still posted on his Instagram about the new foundation:

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Dear Friends, Every day I am asked by people how they can help. Though Leah is healthy, she will have to get monitored and screened for the rest of her life. During our stay in the hospital I saw many parents like me who watched their child struggle. Sadly, some were not as fortunate as Leah and I. One of the things that broke my heart was watching parents have to leave their child in order to go to work so they could pay their bills. Many of them were heads of single-family households. Having to decide between keeping the lights on or being with your sick child is not a choice that any parent should have to make. Not being able to pay your bills because your child has treatment, should not be an option! This is where you come in. Leah and I are creating a foundation called the StillStrong Foundation to support childhood cancer research and families’ household needs during these difficult times. At age five, Leah wants to help other children like her. We are asking that you support us as we start the Foundation. Our goal is high because we want to make a major difference in the cancer community with the most transparent foundation out here! Just $1 from each of my followers will help us reach the goal! Like I said in my Espy speech, I will never stop fighting for these kids. I'm tired of watching these kids die way too soon and I hope you all are too! Let's make a difference! Thank you in advance for your support! Leah and Devon.

Here is a link to the Still Strong Foundation website where you can donate and learn more.

After the first four hours of fundraising, the Still Strong Foundation has already raised more than $5,600. As Still says, "Just $1 from each of followers will help us reach the goal."