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Bengals Fan Roll Call: Introduce Yourself to the Cincy Jungle Community

Share your story with the Cincy Jungle community.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals season officially begins in two days! Yes, the wait is almost over.

Before we get there, we thought it could be a good idea to bring the Cincy Jungle community together for an online meet and greet. At CJ, we have many of great members who make this community an awesome place to congregate and talk Bengals.

Today, we're calling out all you lurkers as well as the members of the community who proudly comment on the site with great frequency! If you haven't already, sign up to join our community so you can become a commenter and tell us your name. Tell us how you became a Bengals fan. Tell us what your username means and/or how you picked it. Or tell us anything you're thinking about today. There's no good reason not to contribute.

If you're a long-time community member, feel free to re-introduce yourself and tell us when/why you joined.

I'll start: My name is Rebecca. You can follow me on Twitter: @Rebecca_Toback I first discovered CJ back in 2013 and quickly, it became a daily must-read. I didn't comment often from the start but eventually, I reached out to Josh Kirkendall to talk about contributing to the site. I slowly started taking on more responsibility and now am the editor and social media manager for Cincy Jungle. It's awesome, I love the community here and I stand for no hate among our Facebook commenters. Seriously, if you hate on us on Facebook, I will fight back. I don't recommend you trying it out.

Now it's your turn. With two days until the Bengals' 2015 season officially kicks off, introduce yourself; we'd love to hear from you! Who Dey!