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Bengal fans are mildly optimistic about 2015 season

According to Facebook, Bengals fans have expressed slight optimism toward the upcoming season.

Jeremy Hill and the Bengals want to hear your support on Facebook.
Jeremy Hill and the Bengals want to hear your support on Facebook.
John Grieshop/Getty Images

Facebook has recently put out information that logs and categorizes the gripes and adulations of every NFL team.

What's interesting about the data and its tracking is that it's not just measuring when a team is talked about on Facebook. It's taking into account the fan sentiment in their rants. Whether you agree with the final data output or not, it's still a pretty cool way to generate information.

Below you'll see the table that Facebook published listing how football lovers across the globe feel about their team. The Bengals rank toward the middle, coming in at 13th out of 32 teams. It's a tepid temperature toward Andy Dalton and the rest of the Bengals team, despite a relatively healthy roster and a solid offseason. While there are a myriad of reasons as to why we sit in the middle of the pack, which I know we could all sound off about (and please do below), we must remember that the great democratic medium is prone to overzealous ballot stuffers and boisterous negative Nancy's.

You'll notice that all of Kansas City continues to put their professional sport Kool-Aid in their water supply (Omar Infante and Alex Rios were far from All-Stars in July) and there is a shockingly low amount of support for the Steelers and Patriots. While the Chiefs have fair reason to be excited about the start of the year, it seems odd that they rank in the number one spot. And I don't think I've met a Steeler fan who wasn't always consistently optimistic about their team, but perhaps that's all just a show and they relegate their real opinions on Facebook.

The Bengals 2015 season is SO very close to happening and with the final hours upon us, be sure to scream your praises through the internet as loud as you can and perhaps when the next batch of this information is captured we'll be closer to the top of the list.