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Week 1 Bengals vs Raiders: Submit your game score prediction

Submit your score prediction for the Bengals' Week 1 matchup and see how other Bengals' fans and the Raiders' fans guesses compare.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Each week, we're collecting your predictions for the Bengals' game score. This is a competition being held throughout every SB Nation NFL site and at the end of each week and the season, we'll be able to look back and see which fan base came closest to correctly guessing their team's game score.

Many are predicting the Bengals' Week 1 trip to Oakland to be a close matchup with quite a bit of scoring. Do you think it will be a high scoring affair? Will the Bengals defense be able to force some turnovers and even a pick six, or two? Submit your prediction here and make sure to come back on Sunday night to look back at how your guess compared to the actual score. We'll give a shout out next week to anyone who shares in the comments if they guessed the score correctly. Be sure to add a screenshot to your comment.

Let the guessing game begin!