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Will Latavius Murray be a threat to the Bengals in Week 1

Murray took off at the end of the 2014 season and is poised to be a bigger part of the Raiders' offense this season. Will it show in Week 1?

Oakland Raiders running back Latavius Murray is entering his second season in the NFL. After being drafted in 2013, he spent his rookie year on Injured Reserve before falling to the backside of the Raiders' depth chart to start the 2014 season. By the end of the season, that changed.

In Week 11 against the Chargers, Murray had four carries for 43 yards. He began to show his worthiness of getting the ball in his hands more often. The following week he had 112 yards on four carries. From there, he was bumped up the depth chart to help the Raiders win three of their last five games of the season, the only wins they got in 2014. The Raiders three wins of the year all came when Murray had more than 75 yards rushing.

This year, Murray is poised to a be a bigger part of the Raiders' offensive gameplan, starting today against the Bengals. "This offseason, Murray his looked strong and ready for an impactful, stand out season," says Vincent Scollo, Murray's personal trainer who has a performance enhancement center in Syracuse, NY, where Murray is from. "I expect for him to be prepared to get the bulk of the carries this season. He is elusive and explosive, with big play capability."

Scollo believes Murray, "will bring 100 percent every single down."

Murray will be one player to watch out for when the Bengals and Raiders face off this afternoon.