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NFL Power Rankings 2015 Week 2: Bengals rise in the rankings

Teams like the Ravens, Steelers and Seahawks are falling as teams like the Bengals, Chiefs and Chargers are rising.

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After a wild Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season, there's some significant movement in this week's power rankings across the Internet. And, the Bengals are on the rise.

After all, many so-called experts had the Seattle Seahawks pegged as their No. 1 team coming into the year. After losing to the Rams in St. Louis, however, Seattle is tumbling in many rankings.

The latest rankings have Seattle down two spots at No. 3. Passing them were the New England Patriots (2) and Green Bay Packers (1) after they both picked up one-score wins in Week 1.

As for SB Nation, they have the Patriots atop their latest rankings, as does ESPN. New England opened the year ranked outside of the top two and even three in many rankings, but after Week 1, they're No. 1 or 2 in pretty much every major ranking.

As for the Cincinnati Bengals, they're climbing in many rankings after having arguably the best performance of Week 1 with their 33-13 thrashing of the Oakland Raiders. You rarely see even the worst teams get shellacked in Week 1, but that's exactly what Cincinnati did to Oakland, and they deserve to be in at least the top 10 of every power ranking.

If we're simply ranking all 32 teams based on how they looked in Week 1 without any preconceived notions, you'd probably have the Bengals in the top five, like Bleacher Report's Sean Tomlinson did by ranking them as the number four team in his latest rankings. CBS Sports' Pete Prisco is also giving the Bengals a lot of love, putting them at No. 5 in his latest rankings.

Then again, Oakland makes a lot of teams look like world-beaters. That may be why SB Nation has the Bengals still outside the top 10, but not far, at 11th. Cincinnati landed in the eighth spot in Yahoo Sports' latest after opening in 11th, which is also the case in ESPN's latest rankings.

Here's a roundup of all the current power rankings compared to last week.

ESPN 11 8 3
Yahoo! Sports 11 8 3 11 7 4
SB Nation 13 11 2
B/R 8 4 4
CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) 10 5 5
AVG. 10.7 7.7 3