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Adam Jones fined for incident with Amari Cooper, will appeal

Adam Jones is lucky he didn't get hit with a suspension, though Amari Cooper shouldn't have gotten out of this without some kind of fine for his throat punch.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The NFL has fined Bengals cornerback Adam Jones for slamming the head of Raiders rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper into his own helmet.

Jones told the media Wednesday he had been hit with a $35,000 fine for hitting a defenseless player and that he will be appealing. The incident occurred during Cincinnati's 33-13 win over Oakland on Sunday when Jamize Olawale broke free for a 60-yard run with about eight minutes remaining in the second quarter. Jones and Cooper were going at it during the run, before turning their attention toward each other. After the play, Jones ripped off Amari Cooper's helmet and then bounced the back of his head against the helmet.

However, it appeared Jones was retaliating for getting punched in the throat by Cooper:

That strike thrown by Cooper led to Jones grabbing the rookie's head and slamming it into his own helmet:

Adam Jones

To this point, there has been no reported fine for Cooper for striking Jones right in the throat, though his saving grace may be that it came during the play, whereas Jones' helmet slam came after the whistle had blown.

It doesn't help Jones that he's been dinged by the NFL in the past for on and off-the-field transgressions including a year-long suspension.

Here's Jones' reaction to the fine via his Instagram, which is captioned, "lmao".


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