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Super Bowl 50 Odds: Bengals' Super Bowl odds increased after Week 1

Teams like the Chiefs, Patriots and Bengals now have better odds of winning Super Bowl 50.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Following an interesting first week of the NFL season, oddsmakers are beginning to change up their picks for Super Bowl 50. And, the Bengals' odds of making it to the final event in the NFL have greatly risen since before the season began.

The Seattle Seahawks no longer have the best odds to win the big game this season. After opening the year with 13-2 odds, their Week 1 loss at St. Louis has dropped them down to 15-2 odds heading into Week 2.

The Green Bay Packers are now the favorites to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at 5-1 odds, but close behind is the New England Patriots with 6-1 odds. The Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles remain tied for the fourth-best odds, despite embarrassing Week 1 losses to the Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons respectively.

As for the Cincinnati Bengals, they made a nice jump to 33-1 odds after opening the season with 50-1 odds. While their 33-13 win over the Oakland Raiders was impressive, they're still not getting much respect being tied for the 14th-best odds in the league.

As for who will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, the Patriots are 3-1 favorites to do make it back to the Super Bowl after winning it all last year. The Colts remain right behind them at 9-2 odds, followed by the Denver Broncos at 11-2 odds. The Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, and Miami Dolphins all share 12-1 odds.

The Bengals are tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers at 14-1 odds. I'm not really sure what oddsmakers are seeing to give the Ravens better odds than both the Bengals and Steelers to win the Super Bowl, though they did have a nice showing in a narrow loss at Denver in Week 1.

Here's a look at the odds for all 32 teams to win the next Super Bowl:

And here's a look at the odds for who will be representing each conference in Super Bowl 50: