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NFL Week 2: Fantasy Football Midweek Update

Like scientists at SETI, it's time to analyze all of the week 1 data, and figure out what is relevant for our Fantasy Football teams.

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For Fantasy Football, Week 1 in the NFL is like working for SETI. You get a lot of exciting data. But most of it is irrelevant. The key is sorting thru it all and trying to figure out what is useless, and what is relevant.


+ Terrance Williams (WR) - [Owned in 56% of Yahoo leagues]

Dez Bryant is out for over a month. Terrence Williams (and Cole Beasley if you are in a big enough league) bring value for the next 4~6 weeks. Romo needs to throw to somebody, and the running game isn’t going to produce a 370 carry beast like DeMarco Murray was last year.

+ DeAngelo Williams (RB) – [Owned in 37% of Yahoo leagues]

Despite Le’Veon Bell being considered the top fantasy football RB this year (when he returns), the guy filling in for him for two weeks as the Steelers’ cowbell went undrafted in most leagues. He’s only got one more week of value, but if you need a RB for one week, he’s your man. He will get high volume.


+ Devin Funchess (WR) – [Owned in 60% of Yahoo leagues]

Even though Carolina’s official depth chart listed Funchess as a backup, some FFL owners drafted him like he was the top option in Carolina. Week 1 showed that Carolina’s depth chart was not erroneous. He finished with two targets, good enough for 6th on the team. When the Panthers drafted him in April, most draft "experts" considred him to be a reach. He may have value down the road, but not this year.

+ Alfred Blue (RB) – [Owned in 60% of Yahoo leagues]

Despite doing little as Arian Foster’s replacement last year, he was drafted in a number of leagues this year by owners expecting him to outplay his RBBC role in Foster’s early season absence. After one week, it’s clear that he’s not emerged as the lead back in Houston’s committee replacing Arian Foster.


+ David Johnson (RB) – [Owned in 21% of Yahoo leagues]

Every week when a low end player gets a rare touchdown, a herd of FFL owners goes and chases him. This week David Johnson is such a player. He scored 11.50 points, but let’s get a grip - he only played in 5 offensive snaps. Yes, one of those went for a fluke 55 yard touchdown. But let’s keep calm and repeat – he only played in 5 offensive snaps!

+ Ladarius Green (TE) – [Owned in 41% of Yahoo leagues]

Philip Rivers threw 42 passes, of which Green only saw 6. Rivers isn’t going to throw that many passes consistently, and Green is only a 4th or 5th option for the Chargers – and isn’t even that, when Antonio Gates returns.