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Bengals Bites (9/17) - Jones fights fine

Adam Jones doesn't think the fine fits the actions on the field. The Bengals have a ton of pass catching weapons. Is the Bengals D Super Bowl caliber?

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Adam Jones on fine, media portrayal of Cooper incident
Sitting in front of his locker Wednesday afternoon, Adam Jones entertained a handful of football related questions about the San Diego Chargers, and he watched as the crowd of local media began to grow around him, his face being lit up as television camera lights flicked on....

Is The Bengals D Super Bowl Caliber?
The Cincinnati Bengals took a weekend business trip to the West Coast. That visit to Oakland may have set the tone for the rest of the 2015 campaign.

Tyler Eifert, Marvin Jones: Pass catchers return, give Bengals offense full cache of weapons - Story
With Tyler Eifert and Marvin Jones back, the Bengals offense looked unstoppable in their opening-season win at Oakland.

Bengals Weekend Forecast |
The San Diego Chargers’ visit to Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday is sure to stir some bitter memories for the Cincinnati Bengals, who suffered one of the most jolting losses in franchise history at the hands of the Bolts in a wild-card playoff game in the 2013 season.

Sad news about former 1st round pick of Bengals | Lance McAlister on 700WLW
The 48-year old Rickey Dixon was the 5th pick overall in the 1988 NFL draft by the Bengals. The Oklahoma defensive back played for the Bengals from 1988-92. He spent the 1993 season with Los Angeles Raiders following a trade from Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Bengals' Week 2 approach? Handle Chargers like 2014 Falcons - Cincinnati Bengals Blog - ESPN
When his defense prepares for the Chargers, Bengals coordinator Paul Guenther wants his unit to play like it did in Week 2 last season vs. Atlanta.

2015 NFL Predictions | FiveThirtyEight
FiveThirtyEight's 2015 NFL forecast uses an Elo-based model to calculate each team's chances of advancing to the playoffs and winning Super Bowl 50.

NFL Quarterback Fashion Power Rankings Week 1 - The Cauldron -
Welcome to the inaugural NFL QB Style Power Rankings where each week we analyze quarterbacks’ statements. All of them. Figurative ones made with their arms and legs, or their podium clothing and accessories, and actual ones made by their mouth during said podium appearances.

Business as usual
On Tuesday, his first day off since signing his life-changing extension, A.J. Green didn’t change a thing and worked in the Paul Brown Stadium weight room. The man who professes to hate change isn’t going to start now. You can thank Dora and Woodrow Green for that.

Andy Dalton press conference transcript from Sept. 16 - Local 12 WKRC-TV Cincinnati - LOCAL Sports
Bengals quarterback discusses having all his weapons and his brief appearance on the 'Tonight Show' among other things.

Blake Bortles: Fans questioning our play calling are like kindergartners questioning college students | ProFootballTalk
Jaguars fans have been criticizing the team's play calling after Sunday's loss to the Panthers, and quarterback Blake Bortles thinks that criticism is based in ignorance. Asked today what he thinks about fans saying the Jaguars' play calling needs to get better, Bortles bristled.

"You Are The Real MVP!!": More Letters Sent To The Ballghazi Judge
The federal judge who oversaw the Ballghazi case, vacating Tom Brady’s four-game suspension while legally shredding whatever integrity was left of the NFL’s arbitration apparatus, entered more letters from the public into the case’s docket yesterday. This batch is smaller, not quite a dozen letters, and includes a few from after the verdict was rendered. As expected, Patriots fans found all sorts of creative reasons why U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman was right, others found their own logic for why Brady should be punished, and once again a teacher felt the urge to weigh in. There’s even one person who tried to intervene as a “friend of a court,” but her request was denied because it came after the case was closed.