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Share your favorite Week 1 Bengals GIFs

After a strong win like the Bengals had in Week 1 against the Chargers, looking back at some of the must-see moments from the game can be a great way to reflect back on the matchup.

Want to rewatch Jeremy Hill's first touchdown of the 2015 NFL season? Of course you do!

The most popular Bengals GIF of Week 1 was the Amari Cooper punch to the throat of Adam Jones, which led to the now much-discussed helmet slam.

This clip is from the play where George Iloka originally injured his ankle, which held him out of the game in the second half and led to him missing practice on Wednesday. He did return Thursday though.

Share your favorite GIFs and clips from Week 1 in the comments below and let's discuss some of the biggest plays from the Bengals' first game of the season!