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Hue Jackson, Jeremy Hill not pleased with his game vs Raiders

Jeremy Hill and Hue Jackson know the second-year RB needs to be better against far superior teams going forward than that of Oakland.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Bengals looked dominant in just about every facet of Sunday's 33-13 win over the Raiders.

However, it's virtually impossible for any team of professional football players to have a perfect game, and good teams like the Bengals will always be looking for ways to improve opposed to simply celebrating their highlights. That's the case with offensive coordinator Hue Jackson who wants to see more from star running back Jeremy Hill.

In Oakland, Hill had a productive day with 63 yards and two scores on 19 carries. However, as Jackson told ESPN's Coley Harvey, Hill needs to do more with his touches for the Bengals to beat better teams, which pretty much is every other team they'll face the rest of the season.

"Jeremy's got ability, and Jeremy needs to play as good as he can play, and I know he can play better," Jackson said. "He scores two touchdowns and everybody thinks that's great. But there are some plays he left out there. He'd be the first to tell you that, so I'm not telling you something he doesn't know."

Hill knows that's the case since he only had 3.3 yards per carry against a Raiders' defense that allowed an average of 4.0 ypc in 2014.

"It was just average at best," Hill said of his day. "I have to play better to give us a better chance."

During Hill's rookie season in 2014, he had only four games in which he averaged 3.3 ypc or less in 17 games (including playoffs), three of which came in his first seven games. Adding to that, Hill's longest rush at Oakland was for 11 yards after finishing 2014 with only five games in which his longest run was 11 yards or less.

This is really just nitpicking at this point. But, Hill is a great player who had a good game against the Raiders; the Bengals need great games out of him if they want to reclaim the AFC North crown and get back to the playoffs this season.