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Bengals Bites (9/2) - Need to get away?

The Seattle Seahawks spent some time in Hawaii to get over the Super Bowl loss. Trent Richardson called the worst running back of all time. A hope to see plenty from P.J. Dawson on Thursday.

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WATCH: Ryan Clark calls Trent Richardson 'the worst running back of all time'
Richardson’s release by the Oakland Raiders on Tuesday during the team’s first round of cuts sparked a strong reaction from former NFL safety Ryan Clark. In an interview on ESPN’s First Take, Clark didn’t hold his tongue when asked what his reaction is to Richardson’s release

Bengals' Dawson can add quantity to quality Thursday
Third-round pick P.J. Dawson hopes to build on success from the first three games with plenty of work Thursday.

Walkthrough: A reminder about Bengals run game
Walkthrough: A reminder about Bengals run game

Shut Up About Tom Brady's Legacy
Here’s a true sentence packed with enough ridiculousness to blast a person across the room like a cannon: a U.S. District Court ruling is anticipated today or tomorrow on whether one of the NFL’s all-time greatest players can be penalized for having general knowledge that some footballs were at some point fractionally less inflated than they may have been at some other point prior to the start of a playoff game, for unknown reasons, and to unknown, dubious effect. This ruling will notably not be made by Gonzo, adorably dressed in robes and a powdered parliament wig, but by an actual, you know, judge. A real human judge.

Cut day shocker: Browns terminate contract of Phil Taylor
Tuesday afternoon marks the end of the Phil Taylor era in Cleveland. With the Browns needing to reduce their roster to 75 players by 4 p.m., the team announced that they have terminated the contract of the 2011 first-round selection.

Time for Ravens to correct John Harbaugh's behavior - Baltimore Sun
Some control was exerted over the coach at least once before before. Following the 2013 season in which the Ravens didn't make the playoffs, the team's Big Three of Bisciotti, team president Dick Cass and general manager Ozzie Newsome pushed Harbaugh to pick Gary Kubiak as offensive coordinator rather than wide receivers coach Jim Hostler.

Johnny Manziel says he won't need elbow surgery and the tendinitis won't hurt his career |
Johnny Manziel confirmed that he's had tendinitis in his right elbow since his freshman year at Texas A&M, but he's confident it won't hurt his career and even noted orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews has assured him he doesn't need surgery.

Seahawks Needed a Vacation to Ease Super Bowl Tension | The Sports Daily
In order to move past the controversial play and onto the upcoming season, many Seahawks players and their families came together for a seven-day trip to Hawaii.  Quarterback Russell Wilson gave some insight to reporters on how the time away was able to renew Seattle’s team chemistry.

Football by Football
When A.J. received the call from Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis and was given an opportunity to play for the team he grew up cheering for, it reignited a new flame of hope and excitement for all of us! After all, it’s truly been a blessing getting to stay with one team as long as we did. We head into this venture understanding that this is a business and everyone’s path is different. Wives know the challenges to help our spouses through. We have to be strong when they need it, to be encouraging when they question themselves and be the rock-solid base that makes transition and change look like a cakewalk. This particular move couldn’t have been easier. We built our permanent home in Columbus, which is only an hour and 45 minutes from where A.J. would play, so that made for an easy commute to our new life.

Report: Bills GM "Went Rogue" In Cutting Fred Jackson

It didn’t come entirely as a surprise when the Bills released Fred Jackson on Sunday. Preseason rosters had be cut down by Tuesday, and the NFL’s oldest running back didn’t figure to pick up a lot of touches behind newly-acquired LeSean McCoy. Still, over his nine-year career in Buffalo Fred Jackson became an institution, and everybody just sort of figured he would retire there.

#NFLRANK: The top 100 players

It says a lot for Green -- who's had four straight 1,000-yard seasons and four straight Pro Bowls to start his career -- that some still see him as a player who hasn't neared his full potential.