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Week 2 Bengals vs Chargers: Submit your game score prediction

The Bengals and Chargers both scored more than 30 points each in Week 1. How will the points add up in Week 2? Submit your prediction here for today's game.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Last week the Bengals beat the Raiders in a game many predicted would be closer than it was. And Week 1 of our submit your predictions competition didn't get any correct guesses, but three commenters came close to the actual score of 33-13. Commenter "burficts_a_beast" had a prediction of 31-10, "goffchile" submitted a prediction of 30-10 and "DeyjaWho" predicted a 31-16 Bengals win. Andy Dalton looked sharp, Jeremy Hill got off to a fast start and Tyler Eifert had his long-awaited breakout game, which helped the Bengals to rack up points early and often.

In Week 1, the San Diego Chargers put 33 points on the board against the Lions. Philip Rivers had a great game going 35 for 42 with 404 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions and a passer rating off 102.8. Will the Bengals' defense be able to stop the Chargers and limit Rivers and his receivers from getting down the field?

Submit your prediction for this week's Bengals vs Chargers game. Remember to check back tonight to see how your guess matched up to other fans and the actual score.