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Andy Dalton hits big lineman Jake Fisher for huge gain

The big man has some moves.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals spent a second-round pick on Jake fisher in the 2015 NFL Draft in hopes the former All-American tackle could eventually become a key contributor to their offensive line.

Well, he's doing that this year as a swing offensive tackle who can report as an eligible receiver on certain plays, just as he did against the Chargers in their Week 2 matchup.

If you don't like seeing big guys catch passes, you don't like football. It also helped get the Bengals in the red zone before they settled for a field goal to take a 17-13 lead over the Chargers in the third quarter. Marvin Lewis admitted that play could lead the Bengals going back to him in the future.

"Yeah, it was a good job by Jake, obviously finishing the play and making the play — making the catch," said Lewis after the Bengals' 24-19 win over the Chargers. "He’s a good athlete and catches the ball well. It will help us as we go down the road, the fact that they have to make sure they account for him."

Andy Dalton certainly likes having another weapon to throw too, though he though the play design by offensive coordinator Hue Jackson was what made it work.

"That’s exactly how you want it to look; I don’t think we even got that good of a look (at that play) in practice," Dalton said. "That’s just a credit to the play design."

Fisher already has more receiving yards than any Bengals tight end not named Tyler Eifert, so maybe we'll see more of this going forward. Fisher did after all play tight end in high school before becoming one of the best college tackles at Oregon.