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Bengals rookie Jake Fisher made a big play on Sunday, is an Ochocino fan

Jake Fisher made the first impactful play of the season by any Bengals rookie on Sunday.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati was leading 14-13 with 4:56 remaining in the third quarter on Sunday when they played the San Diego Chargers. The Bengals had first down from the Chargers' 46-yard line. Andrew Whitworth shifted right, dropping into a three-point stance to the outside of Andre Smith's outside shoulder. Rookie Jake Fisher played tackle-eligible outside of Clint Boling's left shoulder. What happened next was unexpected.

Jake Fisher

Jake Fisher

Fisher, a high school tight end, admits to being a fan of former Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson.

"I was an Ocho guy. It’s kind of funny I’m here," Fisher said via "He just captivated his audience. He was the best at what he did. He made great plays. He was a fun entertainer to watch. I think the time he proposed to a cheerleader was pretty funny. The Hall of Fame jacket was a classic.  He does it all. It was fun. He was a six-time (Pro Bowler) for a reason."

Fisher played 11 percent of the Bengals' offensive downs on Sunday and got in on more action than any other rookie. The Bengals may be wise to continue using him on more plays like this one.

As notes, Fisher is now only 750 receptions away from tying Johnson's franchise-leading 751 receptions.