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5 best plays from Bengals vs Chargers

Andy Dalton, Marvin Jones and Tyler Eifert were among the Bengals who made great plays during Sunday's win over the Chargers.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Here is a look at our latest top-five Bengals highlights of the week following their 24-19 over the Chargers on Sunday.

5) Gio makes Verrett look silly

Giovani Bernard made a strong case Sunday to be the No. 1 running back going forward. He also made a good case for the best juke of Week 2 when he faked out Jason Verrett in the middle of his game-high 26-yard run:

4) Eifert schools Flowers for TD

Tyler Eifert may be classified as a tight end, but some of his wide receiver moves are better than a lot of NFL pass-catchers. That was evident on this play as he gave Brandon Flowers the old out-and-in fake to get open in the back of the end zone for an easy TD:

3) Green skies for toe-tapping TD

After dropping an easy score in Oakland last week, A.J. Green wasn't about to be kept out of the end zone again. It took just six plays into the game for Green to score after he made a great leaping catch while also dragging his right foot through the back of the end zone to ensure he had both feet in:

AJ Green TD Chargers

2) Dalton's bomb to Jones

It's been a year and a half since Marvin Jones' last regular-season touchdown catch. Injuries kept him out for all of 2014, and he appears to be getting his legs back under him. That was clear on this play where Jones ran a deep post route and got behind Brandon Flowers before Dalton hit him in stride for the score:

1) Vinny Rey picks off Rivers to seal win

Vinny Rey came up big in the clutch with his last-minute interception to seal the 24-19 win for Cincinnati. What made the catch so amazing was how high Rey had to jump up to get it before Malcom Floyd came down right into him and looked like he would grab the ball away to make it an incomplete pass. Though he did lose the ball for a split second, Rey was able to corral it and keep it from ever hitting the ground.

What was your favorite highlight of the game?