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Bengals vs Ravens: One final thought

The Bengals don't need to worry about ghosts of the past and should instead take care of business against the Ravens. Andy Dalton in particular can change his stripes in this game.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Andy Dalton does not have to win this game for the Bengals. The way this roster is shaping out and the way the players have been performing, he could probably be a caretaker of the football and the Bengals can still win. That could be a very bad thing though.

We all know the narrative of the Andy Dalton led Bengals. They disappear under the lights / big games / post season. The team plays poorly, but this often includes the quarterback. What do you think will build the confidence of an always questioned quarterback more? Allowing your team to play strong and play knowing you just don't want to make a mistake? Or, unleashing something like this on a team that you have a history of struggling against:

I want to see Dalton back up the hype. We hear about him being a leader, we watch him motivate the team pre-game. I want to see him step up and put his foot on the throat of a division rival and demand the respect that this Bengals team could play to deserve. Allowing Andy to take chances against the Ravens and seeing success could do wonders for the confidence of the Bengals' QB later in the season.

I want a confident Andy. We don't need to see any more of this: