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Week 3 Bengals vs Ravens: Submit your game score prediction

Submit your prediction and see how it matches up to other fans'.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another Sunday morning to submit your prediction for today's Bengals game.

Last week, the Bengals beat the Chargers in a game during which they never trailed. The same is true of their Week 1 matchup with the Raiders. Will that be the case again this afternoon when the Bengals play the Ravens?

In our Week 2 predictions, "daveyboisully" got it extremely close and gets a shoutout for having a crazy realistic prediction saying, "Bengals 24 – Chargers 17. Bengals score a TD within the last five minutes, then the defense pulls down an INT to secure the win."

The actual score was 24-19 and the Bengals scored a touchdown with under nine minutes remaining in the game, not five, but as we all know, they did secure the win with an interception, and daveyboisully's prediction was pretty close.

VABengalsfan and Crowe22 were also close, both guessing Bengals 27, Chargers 17.

Submit your prediction for this week using the below widget and see how your guess compares to other Bengals fans' predictions, Ravens fans' predictions and the Vegas odds.