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Top 5 plays from Bengals' thrilling win over Ravens

A.J. Green, Marvin Jones and Andy Dalton hooked up on several big plays to power the Bengals past the Ravens in a fourth-quarter thriller.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday's AFC North clash between the Bengals and Ravens was easily one of the series' best in recent memory.

Though the two division rivals seem to have a good one every year, this game was on another level as both teams traded blows in the fourth quarter before Cincinnati ultimately escaped with a win. Here are the best Bengals highlights from the game.

5) Adam Jones breaks on Flacco pass for easy interception

The Bengals were able to take control for much of this game after Adam Jones broke on a Joe Flacco pass to intercept it:

Following the pick, the next play brought the Bengals to a 14-0 lead when the offense took the field.

4) Andy Dalton fits one into Marvin Jones for TD

Andy Dalton had a big game with four total touchdowns, three being passing scores and the first of which being a pass where as he fit the ball into a tight window for Marvin Jones to grab and score:

Dalton fit it in right past the outstretched arm of Rashaan Melvin, while also hitting him in stride so that his momentum kept him going forward, avoiding the full force of a big hit from Kendrick Lewis.

3) Jones' one-hander puts Bengals in red zone

Jones' TD catch was nice, but his most important play came with the Bengals trailing 24-21 late in the fourth quarter.

As the announcer said, it was a great catch made against great coverage. Kyle Arrington had Jones defended about as good as possible, but Jones just made a spectacular play that Arrington couldn't prevent.

2) A.J. Green beats Ravens again

For the second year in a row, A.J. Green scored a game-winning touchdown in Baltimore to stun the Ravens. This one wasn't as big of a stunner though after Jones' big catch put the Bengals in easy position to score. From there, it was simply pitch and catch from Dalton to Green in the back of the end zone for six points and the lead:

1) Dalton & Green bring Bengals back to life

After taking a 14-0 lead early on, Cincinnati would go scoreless until the 6:49 mark of the fourth quarter as Baltimore went on a 17-0 run and appeared to have complete control of the game.

That was, until Dalton dropped back and fired a strike to Green in stride before he broke a pair of tackles on his way to the end zone for an 80-yard score:

Did we miss your favorite highlight? Let us know in the comments below.