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Cincy Jungle is looking for a Community Manager

Do you want to join the Cincy Jungle team?

Cincy Jungle is looking for a community manager to join our team!

As community manager you would:

  • Set up Open Threads for Bengals games, Sunday late-afternoon football games and all primetime games. Additionally, we have open threads for big NFL events.
  • Engage with the Cincy Jungle community in the comments sections of articles and inspire positivity.
  • Contribute to our Twitter and Facebook efforts.
  • Organize events where Cincy Jungle members meet up for games and help fans connect who are looking for game meetups.
  • Work with groups of people who are meeting up for games or going to games to get photos that we can share on the site and social media.

Applicants should be enthusiastic and spirited Bengals fans. If interested, please send an email to

Be sure to include:
  1. Your name (obvious, but we surprisingly get a lot of emails without this).
  2. Your Cincy Jungle username.
  3. Any relevant experience you have.
  4. Why you're interested and why you think you'd be a good fit!
Priority will be given to active Cincy Jungle users! This does have the opportunity to be a paid position, for a qualified candidate.