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Bengal Bytes (9/30): Chiefs are on to Cincinnati

Dalton's poise at the line of scrimmage might have been the biggest reason for the Bengals' win from Sunday. Chiefs' seem to be unanimous on the fact they were out coached by the Packers, and other news from around the league.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Game day ready: Andy Dalton's workout routine -

Pro Bowler Andy Dalton is the only quarterback in the history of the Cincinnati Bengals to lead his team to three consecutive playoff berths. The player that Dalton has become didn't happen by accident. His diligent work in the weight room and on the practice field makes him one of the top young quarterbacks in the league. Dalton is very detailed in his weekly approach to game day. He recently spoke to NFL UP! fitness ambassador Clif Marshall to discuss how he makes his training program a priority during the season.

NFL's catch rules are broken -- but here's how they can be fixed - ESPN

Former NFL receiver Donte Stallworth reacted just like the rest of us after the latest incarnation of the "Calvin Johnson rule," which occurred Sunday at MT&T Bank Stadium. There seems no doubt: The NFL's offseason attempt to clarify the rule hasn't changed the perception that it can't define and legislate a catch. That seemingly simple task has proved vexing and has eluded nearly a decade of high-level league discussion. It'll require a much more aggressive fix, one that might necessitate acceptance of secondary consequences but could well prove to be a net improvement.

Bengals and Ravens Film Review with Joe Goodberry | James Rapien on ESPN 1530

ESPN 1530 asks Joe Goodberry what he saw from Andy Dalton in Sunday's win over the Ravens and what in the world is wrong with Jeremy Hill? Plus, a look ahead to the Bengals and Chiefs this Sunday.

Carson Palmer burying bad vibes from Bengals break in Arizona -

Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer talks to Michael Silver about taking an owner "head-on" four seasons ago -- and enduring to become one of the best quarterbacks in football at age 35.

How Cincinnati Bengals take advantage of Ben Roethlisberger absence -  ESPN

Before we get too deep into this, the following must be said: Each of the Cincinnati Bengals' remaining 13 games have value. Sure, these next four or five or six or seven weeks could be the catalyst to the Bengals' desire to return to the top of the AFC North mountain. But it's hard to say at this still very early stage that anything will be decided before November.

Andy Dalton's Newfound Poise Puts Bengals Squarely in AFC North Contention | Bleacher Report

At first glance, everything seems normal surrounding the Cincinnati Bengals after the team's 28-24 road win over the Baltimore Ravens in Week 3. Beneath the surface, Andy Dalton's poise sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb.

Week 3 NFL Hangover: Bengals our best hope to stop Patriots? - The Cauldron -

In his Week 3 NFL Hangover, D.J. Gallo wonders if the Bengals are our only hope to stop a New England Super Bowl trip.

The creamsicles are coming Sunday vs. Chiefs | Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals will wear their orange jerseys Sunday afternoon against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bengals are 16-5-1 when they wear they wear orange jerseys, which are considered "specialty jerseys" by the league and can only be worn twice a year.

Maestro Dalton hitting right notes

Everyone wants to know the difference. Who is this Andy Dalton, a career 85.0 passer now rated the AFC’s best passer and challenging future Hall-of-Famer Aaron Rodgers for the NFL passing title? Who is this red-head that has imploded on prime time but on Sunday brought one of the NFL’s most hostile home fields to its knees twice in a 4:27 span of bloodless efficiency with a pair of 80-yard drives that erased two deficits?

Behind Enemy Lines

Former Chief Lawrence Tynes lights up Alex Smith on Twitter, for some reason - Arrowhead Pride

Tynes lit up Smith on Twitter during the Chiefs-Packers game on Monday night. Tynes was on the Giants when they played the Smith-led 49ers in the 2012 NFC Championship game. I'm not really sure where this comes from but Tynes says he is still a Chiefs fan. So maybe he's just angry and frustrated like all the other Chiefs fans.

Jamaal Charles says Chiefs were outplayed and outcoached | ProFootballTalk

Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles thinks both the players and the coaches deserve some of the blame for Monday night’s loss in Green Bay.

Ray Lewis says Chiefs defense had lack of communication vs. Aaron Rodgers and Packers - Arrowhead Pride

Ray Lewis pinned the Kansas City Chiefs defensive problems against Aaron Rodgers on a lack of communication. Considering two of Aaron Rodgers five touchdowns came on what looked like the same play, I think he's right. "The only way to play great defense is you have to communicate," Lewis said on the ESPN postgame broadcast.

Andy Reid went full Belichick after Chiefs loss to Packers: 'We're onto Cincinnati' - Arrowhead Pride

dy Reid gave a very, very weird press conference after the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Green Bay Packers. Reid never really says much of anything but this one was particularly terse. He repeatedly said some version of "It's my responsibility" when he was asked anything about the game.

Random Bytes

KIng's Week 3 Power Rankings: Patriots, Packers, Cardinals on top | The MMQB with Peter King

Cincinnati (3-0). Interesting two-game home stand coming up against current two-loss teams: Kansas City and Seattle. The Bengals are good enough now that they can say it would be an upset to lose either, and everyone in the building would believe it.

Cleveland Browns Players -- Furious Over Johnny Manziel ... 'Put Him In the Damn Game' |

We spoke with 3 starting players on the Browns offense -- all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity -- who tell us the team wants Manziel under center on Sunday ... not Josh McCown.

Mathieu elaborates on issues with 49ers’ passing game | ProFootballTalk

"Not to take any shots at [Colin] Kaepernick or their offensive coordinator [but] we prepare so much playing in the NFL, we watch so much film, and it’s really easy to pick up on what certain teams do and what they like to do," Mathieu said.

This Is Why The Patriots Can Go Undefeated — The Sports Quotient

It seems completely unbelievable, right? A franchise going 16-0 twice under the same coach at the professional level would be an unprecedented achievement in the spectrum of football. You better start believing in these Patriots because their schedule is favorable enough that we could see an unblemished record from New England come years’ end.