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Cincy Jungle shirts now available: Contest winners announced and how to buy

Cincy Jungle t-shirts are now available!

The votes are in and the three winning t-shirts from our shirt design contest are now available for purchase!

First Place

In first place, with 269 votes is the Cincy Jungle Skyline t-shirt:

This shirt comes in black and white and you can choose from a variety of styles for the shirt fabric and neckline.

Buy it here!

Second place

In second place, with 231 votes is the "Get'n Nasty t-shirt:

We also have this shirt available without the Get'N Nasty slogan:

Buy it here!

Third place

In third place, with 220 votes is the CJ logo shirt with optional eyes on the back:

The shirt also comes in black, but if you would like the eyes on the back of the shirt, only white is available.

Buy it here!

Thank you to all of our t-shirt contest participants and the 1,166 contest voters! We look forward to seeing you at Paul Brown Stadium in your CJ gear!