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Bengals practice squad projection and preview

The Cincinnati Bengals are expected to announce their practice squad on Sunday. We preview what and who to expect.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's calm.

Feel it? It's like the empty stadium on game day morning, the quiet grill at the tailgate and the quarterback's approach just before dictating his soldiers in the huddle.

Cincinnati's 53-man roster is set, for today at least. It could easily change tomorrow, or the next day. Hours after announcing the 53-man roster in 2010, Cincinnati shipped cornerback David Jones to Jacksonville. Good riddance, many of us said. In fact, it was rather shocking he made the roster in the first place. Who did Cincinnati receive? Reggie Nelson, who came to the Bengals with a reputation of being a borderline bust as a former first round pick. Years later, he's re-signed with the Bengals, and has become one of their biggest foundation pieces, as well as an unsung hero with a team that progressively developed a defense-first mentality.

Approximately 700 players were released and waived on Saturday, with a significant number of those players going through waivers (aka, players with less than four seasons of accrued seasons). Teams are surveying their options, even contemplating a claim for a player who didn't make their original team. Could Cincinnati place a claim on someone, perhaps revamping their wide receiver roster or answering durability concerns at linebacker? Possibly.

Teams have until 12:00 p.m. EST on Sunday to make claims on players who were waived during Saturday afternoon's final cuts. An hour later, approximately around 1 p.m. EST teams can officially develop their practice squad. According to reports, offensive lineman Dan France will return while defensive tackle DeShawn Williams and wide receiver Jake Kumerow would like to return.

We're projecting that the Bengals will keep one of their younger running backs and a quarterback to develop, working with other players at positions that could suddenly need help. Our initial projection:

  • Quarterback Keith Wenning

  • Running back James Wilder Jr.

  • Wide receiver Jake Kumerow

  • Offensive lineman Dan France

  • Offensive lineman Trey Hopkins

  • Tight end Matt Lengel

  • Defensive tackle DeShawn Williams

  • Linebacker Trevor Roach

  • Cornerback Troy Hill

The final spot of the 10-man practice squad roster could go to running back Terrell Watson, place-kicker Tom Obarski or someone from another team. In addition to the above mentioned players, the following former Bengals players are also eligible for the practice squad:

  • Wide receiver Michael Bennett

  • Offensive guard Tanner Hawkinson

  • Offensive tackle Matthew O'Donnell

  • Safety Floyd Raven Sr.

  • Center Jake Smith

  • Running back Terrell Watson

Keep track of all roster moves and rumors here as the practice squad develops.