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Bengals get their cake and eat it too with Practice Squad additions

The Cincinnati Bengals announced their Practice Squad on Sunday, bringing back many preseason stars. Is this one of their strongest squads in recent memory?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a busy weekend for teams around the NFL. While the folks at Paul Brown Stadium weren't busy on the waiver wire front, they definitely had their hands full with the construction of their 53-man roster and the subsequent filling of their Practice Squad.

Bengals fans expressed disappointment when certain players who had shined in the preseason failed to have their names show up on the 53-man list. Worries began to surface with some of these names hitting the waiver wire, but as happens almost every year, the team was able to hang on to many of their biggest young contributors from the preseason.

DeShawn Williams was a force at defensive tackle this offseason, while cornerback Troy Hill can contribute to an NFL roster in the near future. Perhaps the biggest haul was at the skill positions on offense with two quality running backs in Terrell Watson and James Wilder Jr., as well as early Training Camp star, wide receiver Jake Kumerow.

With the amount of injuries that hit a number of positions last season, having able bodies on the Practice Squad to be able to call upon if needed, should be a relief. It also could provide hope in the unfortunate case of ineffectiveness at certain spots. For instance, some were surprised about Chris Lewis-Harris making the final roster, but if there happens to be an issue there, Hill can be called up.

Because of the extent of playing time this group received, it's possible this PS might be some of the best prepared and highest-ceiling guys the Bengals have had in some time. Teams could snag one of these talented youngsters if they want to put them on their 53-man roster in the season, but for now, the Bengals have their cupboards stocked.

Their might be some discrepancy on how much the final roster has improved itself from last year, but the Practice Squad seems to be filled with talented guys. It's this sentiment that makes us believe the Bengals played the system right in keeping some of the coveted players.

It also shows a bit of a changing of the guard in regards to rumors that some who landed on the Bengals' PS wanted to return to the team. With Michael Johnson choosing to come back to Cincinnati in free agency, as well as these younger guys expressing their desire to return to the team, there is a stark difference from teams of Bengals' past.