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Bengals 2015 season preview, part 1: Exciting New Additions

In this, a three-part series, Dadio McDuck and Dr. Hodgie E. Smodgie will preview the Cincinnati Bengals' 2015 season. In the first part, they tell us which of the Bengals' new players (and those returning from trips away) are most excited to see in the coming NFL season.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals added a lot of tantalizing talent this offseason both through free agency and the draft. But which one of Cincinnati's newest editions brings the most excitement? Is it defensive end Michael Johnson, a long-armed pass rusher who can bat passes down at the line of scrimmage with the best of them? Or perhaps it's P.J. Dawson, an instinctive linebacker who can sniff out the ball carrier with regularity. Then again, maybe it's Mario Alford, a blur of a human being with the ability to turn the momentum of a game in a flash.

All three have their questions though. Johnson experienced an MCL sprain in the first days of training camp and may not be ready by next Sunday to play in Oakland. Dawson is a rookie and the Bengals don't frequently start their rookies in the beginning of the season. For Alford, while his preseason was OK and showed flashes of his ability on special teams, he didn't overly wow.

In the following video, Dr. Hodgie E. Smodgie and I (Dadio McDuck) give you our take on the exciting new additions of 2015:

Let us know who you're most excited about in the poll and the comments!