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Do Bengals ticket prices offer a good value to fans?

A site that refers to itself as NerdWallet crunched the numbers and came up with the NFL's best value for a ticket. How do you think the Bengals rank?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

You know when you pull information from a site with the name "NerdWallet" you are going to be getting some great information. The aforementioned site turned it's eyes on the value received when a fan purchases an NFL ticket. NerdWallet used the data to determine which teams' tickets offer the most value.

The Bengals come in with the fourth least expensive ticket price based on the average ticket price to a home game. (Kind of a punch in the gut to you, "Mike Brown is only in it for the money" conspiracy theorists). The only teams with cheaper overall averages are the Titans, Raiders and Chiefs.

Via: NerdWallet

The Bengals are even called out as the best buy for tickets. The reason behind this idea is that the Bengals win 66% of their home games and the theory is that fans buying tickets actually enjoy seeing wins. That sounds about right, we don't think any Bengals fans go into games hoping to see their team lose. If you're one of those people, stop going to Bengals games!

The fact the Bengals are a best buy should lead you to believe they also should be close to the top in the ranking of "cost to see a home win". In fact, they lead this category. So to this point, we have established the Bengals are a good value and afford the consumer the most chance to see a win based on money spent.

I know this goes against many people's preconceived notions of the ownership of this team's business model. The data speaks for itself. Being the best value is a good thing. For some businesses, this indicator would lead them to the idea that they could up the price of tickets a bit, increase their bottom line and still be near the top in best value. The Bengals, however, continue to win and keep prices at a reasonable cost.

Will the same hold true when they make their playoff run this season? That remains to be seen, but arguments about the value for attending a Bengals game should cease at this point for our favorite NFL team.