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Bengals CB Adam Jones talks playoff loss with Jets' Brandon Marshall on Inside the NFL

Check out the full Adam Jones Inside the NFL interview below.

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones appeared on Showtimes' Inside the NFL on Tuesday night and discussed the Bengals' game against the Steelers and many of the calls made during the game. Marvin Lewis' message to the team and how Jones feels after the loss were also among the topics of discussion.

"Since I've been in Cincinnati, I've only seen two players late... I've never heard of that," Jones says in the interview, refuting the notion that Marvin Lewis has allowed players to be late and have a lack of discipline under his watch.

Jones has now watched Saturday's Bengals vs Steelers game eight times, but, he doesn't plan to watch any more playoff football this season. "I aint watching no more football, I'm done watching football, I can promise you that," Jones said.

Check out the interview, conducted with Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall in New York City this week.