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Has Marvin Lewis' coaching tree eclipsed the Bengals' head coach?

Several Bengals coordinators have left to become head coaches during Marvin Lewis' tenure in Cincinnati. Some actually think those coaches now at the helm of other teams have surpassed Lewis as a head coach.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals have had a lot of success under Marvin Lewis, so it's only fair that the rest of the NFL wants in on the action.

Since Lewis took over in 2003, many coaches have come to the Queen City and left to find greener pastures elsewhere while also making a little more green with promotions. In two of the past three seasons, three coordinators have left to become head coaches. The Bengals have watched offensive coordinator Jay Gruden leave to become head coach in Washington. That same year, defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer became head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. Both Gruden and Zimmer brought their teams to the postseason in their second seasons as head coach, though, both saw first round exits, like the Bengals.

This week, offensive coordinator Hue Jackson left to become head coach of the Cleveland Browns. This led Andy Furman and Mike North of FOX Sports Daybreak to actually claim the coaches who were once under Lewis are now better coaches than Lewis himself.