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Bengals Bytes (1/18): One last time

Bengals players rejoice over the Steelers losing to the Broncos. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady could be gearing up for one last matchup, and what the draft order looks like after the Divisional Round.

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Bengals players celebrate Steelers' loss on Twitter
At this point, it's pretty clear that the Bengals and Steelers can't stand each other. Shortly following Pittsburgh's 23-16 loss to the Broncos on Sunday, Bengals players flooded Twitter to rub in the defeat.

Bengals players rejoice at Steelers loss
A number of Bengals players took to social media after the Steelers were beaten by the Broncos Sunday night. Denver knocked Pittsburgh out of the playoffs with a 24-16 defeat, though the game lacked the emotion, controversy and gut-wrenching trauma that was on display last week at Paul Brown Stadium. The Broncos' victory doesn't erase the Bengals' heartbreak, but every sports fan knows it's always fun to see a rival go down.

Bengals' Reggie Nelson: Bengals lose two secondary coaches
The Bengals secondary lost both of their coaches, Vance Joseph and Mark Carrier, to other organizations, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Random Bytes

Richard Sherman says 'young' Seattle Seahawks are 'far from done' after playoff loss to Carolina Panthers
Even though the Seattle Seahawks failed in their bid to become the first team in the salary-cap era to reach three consecutive Super Bowls, they believe they're built for another run in the 2016 season.

Denver Broncos say they anticipated facing healthy Ben Roethlisberger of Pittsburgh Steelers
The Denver Broncos heard about Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's right shoulder injury all week. But on Sunday, they saw the Roethlisberger they expected.

Manning-Brady Rivalry Reborn as Broncos Face 1st Real Test of Playoffs
So, here we are again, another episode of Brady versus Manning. We don't need their first names. Or teams. Or a list of accomplishments. We know them all. By now, this fight is as familiar as Ali-Frazier, Magic-Bird or Kirk-Klingons. Yes, here we go again.

2016 NFL draft order updated through No. 24
The first 24 picks are now assigned and stacked in the chart. We have now added the Washington Redskins, Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals, in that order. Remember, ties are broken in reverse order of strength of schedule.

It’s time to go the rest of the way with overtime equity
Watching the final minutes of Saturday night’s latest NFL postseason game for the ages, I wanted it all to last a little longer. And but for the still-unfair overtime rules of the NFL, it would have.

NFL says Blakeman handled coin flip non-flip properly
Saturday night’s overtime classic included a bizarre moment at the start of the extra session, with referee Clete Blakeman executing the rare non-flip flip of a coin. The NFL has absolved Blakeman of any wrongdoing for his handling of the situation, which included not letting Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers change the call from tails to heads.