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Taiwanese Animators make hysterical video recapping AFC Championship game

If you haven't seen the Taiwanese Animators' videos before, you have a lot of laughing to do.

Taiwanese Animators

39-year-old Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning using a walker (and scooter), Manning knocking Tom Brady off a toilet and then jumping on it, and Demarcus Ware and Von Miller smoking something that looks like a bowling ball and then performing surgery on Brady and Rob Gronkowski are just a few of the things you'll see in the latest video from a Youtube account that goes by Taiwanese Animators.

Their videos span the range of the Taiwan elections, Barack ObamaDavid Bowie's death and of course, American sports. You'll need to read the captions as the videos are in Taiwanese, but, they're hysterical in a very literal way that makes the captions even better.

One of the best moments of their latest video which chronicles the AFC Championship game is when Gronkowski is hobbling down the field as a half-robot, half-human due to cramps and then falls over while needing a tank of oxygen. This is kind of, sort of, what happened on Sunday, right?